Sofa Slipcovers Styles

Because they are versatile and stylish pieces of sofa set accessories, sofa slipcovers are extremely useful in making what appears to be a horribly matched furniture actually fit the look of the rest of the room. Do not worry if you have a worn green sofa set, or sets of furniture each with a color far different from one another. All you have to do is get hold of matching sofa slipcovers. When you feel like changing the style and color of the room to complement the holidays or the season, or change everything according to the dictates of your moods, you can buy many sofa slipcovers that you can use singly or together. This trick keeps you from spending unnecessarily on brand new furniture.

Sofa slipcovers can be made of a wide array of fabrics, such as suede, cotton, denim, corduroy, herringbone, velvet, and polyester. The materials may be stretchable or just loosely draping the sofa. They may be sold singly or as part of a complete set. Almost all slipcovers in the market are made to be machine-wash friendly. However, the slipcovers are usually large and cannot be accommodated in a washing machine meant for personal use. Because of this, they are usually brought to the laundry house equipped with bigger machines for professional cleaning. Sofa slipcovers are great to have when you have lovely pieces of furniture that you want protected from kids, pets or crowds. Families with children often benefit from the use of slipcovers.

The six styles of slipcovers that are commercially available are as follows:

Straight Skirt with Ties
No-Tie Wrap Tailored Skirt
No-Tie Wrap with Waterfall Skirt
2 Piece Separate Seat (Semi-Custom)
1 Piece T-Cushion with Ties
2 Piece Stretch Separate Seat

The things that you have to consider when buying a sofa slipcover are the following: the decorative pattern of the slipcover, the color, the look of the furniture to be covered, and the amount of money that you are willing to shell. Slipcovers that are stretchable and cling to the furniture are low-maintenance: you need not go through the rigors of re-tucking excess fabric whenever the sofa is being used. Anti-stain materials such as scotch guard are highly suggested to avert the possibility of severely soiling your covers. You would still want your sofa slipcover to last a long time, even though it is a lot cheaper to buy one than to purchase a new piece of furniture.

Advantages of Sofa Slip Covers

There will be times that when you look around the house, you will feel that your existing design is dated and that you want to initiate some instant changes. Many ideas would probably cross your mind. Maybe you would like to change the floors, or cover the walls with a fresh coat of paint and put framed pictures or paintings soon after. However, you see your sofa sitting in the room. You are obliged to revolve your renovation around the sofa since it the largest, most visible item in the room.

If you are still content with the appearance of your sofa, this will not be an object. If not, then the simplest remedy is to buy a new sofa set.

The next best thing is to buy a sofa slipcover. A sofa slipcover will spare you the hassle of having to buy a brand new furniture. All you have to do is cover your sofa and already you have changed the way it looks. There are many sizes and shapes of slipcovers made to fit any kind of sofa. If you own a sofa that is unusually designed, then it would be wise to have a slipcover sewn to match the sofa. Other than this minor hitch, any sofa can be fitted with a ready-made sofa slipcover.

There are a wide variety of styles to choose from. Sofa slipcovers may be whimsical or elegantly styled. You can always find the slipcover that best matches your current mood.

Sofa slipcovers can be made of just about any fabric. A slipcover made of a durable fabric would be best if the sofa is being sat on everyday. Other sturdy materials are linen, denim, and canvas. These fabrics are resilient to repeated insult.

Some of the more sought-after patterns on slipcovers include solid colors, striped patterns, checkered and argyles, and flowery prints. Slipcovers can be bought off the rack or custom-made. If you have the time and the patience, you can make your own sofa slipcover.

You can buy your sofa slipcover in any department store and in specialty shops. There are likewise numerous online shops where you can buy your slipcovers: all you need is to do a little search on the Internet.

Sofa slipcovers have drastically decreased the need to replace the entire sofa whenever you feel like changing the look of the room. You simply have to buy a sofa slipcover and you get to alter the appearance of the room all for just a few dollars.

Cost of Sofa Slipcovers

Sofa slipcovers are priced according to the fabric, color, and pattern. The cheapest ones may be bought for $30. The price can go up to about $100, or more. The cheaper sofa slipcovers are typically simple and loose. Those that have elastic bottoms, or fitted with ties, or sewn to look fit cost a little more. The costliest ones are those that are specifically made to fit the sofa. These covers are meant to follow the contour of the furniture with the least creases and the least hassle of tucking the cover over and over.

Spoon Rest

Having spoon rest in your home is considered as the best way of avoiding countertop spillages. When carefully chosen, spoon rest can effectively give an extra elegance to one’s home’s kitchen design. Same as the other kitchenware like bamboo type cutting board, the spoon rest aims to appear stylish when not being used but still remains functional when needed. Keep saucy residue where it should be, in sauce pan, pot or within the practical but decorative spoon rest that you bought.

Spoon rest that is already old can help in preventing your kitchen from gluey sauce left over, however you will surely not like traditional kitchenware. You will likely want a kitchenware that is not just practical but elegant looking as well. Maybe you are a secret chef, with big dreams that only happens within your kitchen only. Or you might be the type who prefers to keep cleaning chores less and knows that the little mess you create when cooking delicious foods, the little cleaning you need afterwards.

One thing that is considered worse compared to a poor cook is dealing with sticky mess on your counter tops. Keep yourself away from long hours of cleaning by avoiding undesirable spillages by preventing your kitchen area from messy puddles through having an affordable kitchenware as your cooking buddy.

The spoon rest kitchenware is nearly the great invention after the wheel.

Ceramic Spoon Rest

The ceramic type of spoon rest offers a bit country cottage look to your nice kitchen area. This spoon rest type is also good if you like classic enamelware or kitchenware of similar type. If you have rural theme for your kitchen area, ceramic rest kitchenware will fit perfectly. Ceramic is stylish material, for some reasons only known to spoon rest manufacturers and housewives.

Ceramic type spoon rest kitchenware is already gaining popularity these days, thus the manufacture is also increasing. There are plenty of available selections but for a specific type that best fits with the rustic ceramic type kitchenware, opting for customary style of pottery will be better.

On the positive side, this kitchenware looks excellent but on the negative side it is breakable therefore they must be securely placed on counter top area. If you opt for a bit of kitsch side, there are some that appear a bit loud and grotesque.

For people who are rooster lovers, there are numerous cool spoon rests with a beautiful cockerel accessorizing the superior face and looking cheerful and bright without the noise created by rooster at daybreak. While for people who like the ultra cutting-edge and being fashionable, Sanga Nova ceramic type of spoon rest, which is available in brown color, is the top selling.

Stainless Steel Spoon Rest

Stainless type of spoon rest offers a distinct style to ceramic models. This type of spoon rest appears to be more than just a bit fashionable. It has more advantage compared to melamine, glass, and pot accessories for it is elegant looking, durable, and work-friendly. It is also cleaned easily and does not break when you accidentally drop it due to its way of manufacture and will not also lose its sheen or rust.

In reality, some spoon rests appear to be positively creative, which probably because stainless steel offers chic look to whatever it is fitted into. You can bring a bit of class to your plain counter top area with any of the huge choices of traditional stainless steel type of spoon rests. This version is simple to clean and great value for your money. It has all the features that a cook can wish for in a kitchenware.

Red Spoon Rest

Are you wishing to have a red colored spoon rest? Does your kitchen have red colored kitchenware or a unique theme where red color does not just blend but also improve the entire appearance of your own kitchen? If yes then you will be happy to learn that there is a wide variety of spoon rest colors available in Amazon.

The following are the options available:

  • Melamine
  • Ceramic
  • Double spoon rests

Among the spoon rest models, Calypso Basics can be bought for less than $14. It is a beautiful, dynamic red, and also made of melamine that will certainly make your kitchen’s counter top come alive. If you are after a more artistic type of spoon rest model, the Cherry Red colored Le Crueset Stoneware spoon rest kitchenware will be perfect, or a Fiesta 8-Inch type will best cater your style.

For a bit of quirkiness and fun , Seafood Red Hot Chili Pepper or Gourmet Ladybug designs will perfectly match your affection for a one-of-a-kind style. For individuals searching for Rooster Kitchenware, there is a nice farmyard collection available. Everyone would look perfect in rustic or farmhouse type of kitchen especially if you have a kitchen area that has an assortment of a nice Rooster design.

Black Spoon Rest

Black colored spoon rest kitchenware has a super stylish look and is excellent for blending with monochrome themed kitchen or a kitchen equipped with some stainless steel type of kitchenware. Among the models of black colored spoon rest, Calypso Basics is best seller. Fiesta 8 Inch model comes in second place and third is the Stoneware Foxrun 3955. These three models can be bought for less than $10. Anybody would look and feel as if they are at home by just being close to the stainless steel type of kitchen item.

If double type of spoon rest kitchenware is what you are searching for then there is an available stylish but simple looking model, which is a combination of stainless steel and black. This model is great for individuals who prefer simple or elegant theme for their kitchen area. Maybe you prefer a style that complements a contemporary design? If yes then Silicone Utensil Rest and Orka Stainless can nicely offer this look but will remain user friendly and practical. There are numerous black colored spoon rest styles available if ever you opt for more practical model, or combination of different color like white and black.

Spray Insulation

For super insulation for your office or home, try the spray foam insulation. You’ll enjoy some of its benefits by installing this kind of insulation at your desired location. So do consider throwing out those old and worn out insulation made of fiberglass. The best thing is to replace them with something that promises to last long, reliable and has a praiseworthy service. The spray foam insulation is one type of liquid polyurethane that forms as rigid foam surface or consistency when dry. Since it’s in a liquid form you can easily fill in the small holes and cracks that the fiberglass usually can’t protect. The function of the insulation is towards creating a tight and thick sealed layer. This layer is extremely efficient in terms of energy in comparison to other materials available that are used to insulate.

Spray-on insulation are used by many contractors such as those made of polyurethane froth that is also used in appliances such as refrigerators and water heaters. It can be used for residential walls & ceiling cavities for their air sealing product or for insulation. It is sprayed on the cavities of the wall to expand it. The liquid is being sprayed through its nozzle into the ceiling, wall and floor cavities where it would expand and feel the holes and cranny.

This foam product is also helping in controlling the condensation moisture because it doesn’t settle nor does it shrink. It’s fire resistant as well and it reduces the heating or the cooling cost of an appliance significantly and because of its thermal seal, it keeps the cool air in and the unwanted air out. This spray on insulation is known to improve the air quality indoors and thereby decrease the chances for allergies. It’s also high in quality sound control and it reduces the dust, mildew and mold accumulation significantly. And most importantly, the froth uses recycled materials which help the economy as well as our environment.

Benefits of spray insulations

1. It saves you money. The spray foam insulation work towards the controlling of the indoor climate through keeping more heat or cool air depending on the weather. This will save you a lot of money on your electricity bills.

2. There are no health risks. They don’t come with any health hazard. The fiberglass makes the skin itchy or sore when it’s exposed because it is made of pink, wiry fibers. These fibers are quite loose and they can be inhaled by the people indoors thus can cause mouth lesions or esophagus lesions. The spray foam, however, doesn’t contain any fine particles that can float with the air.

3. No need for repair. The spray foam keeps the water out thus keeping the mold out which can save you a fortune. It’s a great material in protecting houses and buildings from these dangerous molds.

4. You’ll cut on costs from hiring professionals. These sprays are available on the market and no need for professional installation.

5. It’s environmentally friendly. It’s a great choice for those who want to keep a green house or office building by minimizing the effects of harmful chemicals to the environment.

6. It saves energy. It’s made of recyclable or renewable material thus saves you a lot of energy and money.

7. It’s versatile. You can spray it anywhere you need to thus you can insulate both the floors and ceilings.

8. It has a moisture condensation control. It works this way as it doesn’t settle nor does it shrink.