Sofa Covers

The sofa covers, also called as slip covers in some intances are used to cover and protect the sofa and make it appear brand new.

It is a fact that furniture can be expensive thus replacing one such as the couch can pose a problem when it comes to the budget. Purchasing couch covers can be one good way to make an old couch look new and can also help hide its imperfections. Replacing the covers will only cost about a tenth of the total amount if you’ll be replacing the furniture. One simple sofa cover can already provide a dramatic change in the look of the couch. These covers can be your quick and speedy pick-me-ups for just about any room.

Sofa covers can be of various styles. One of them is the form fitting cover type. This type is also called the tailored type and can either be custom made or ready made. Usually, a custom made sofa cover is called the slip cover. This slipcover may be a large material piece that is used to cover the sofa and is tucked into cushions to provide a look that is more fitted. Slipcovers are made or created from various materials and colors. A lot of these slipcovers may be matched with other accessories like the drapes or even the chair covers.

Buying slipcovers is relatively easy. Shopping is as simple as deciding to purchase either the ready made throws or the form fitting covers. There are a lot of places where you can purchase slipcovers. You can purchase these covers in several stores like the discount stores, stores for home goods and linens, in warehouse discount places as well as other smaller stores where the covers are sold. There are also other options like having them handmade however this is expensive. Slipcovers that are custom designed can amount to a hundred dollars. These custom made type of covers are created using any colors and material styles and can perfectly fit the sofa. These can be homemade as well. Patterns can be used to create these homemade covers. These patterns are available in stores or places that sell sewing items and materials.

The sofa cover price will depend on what type of material the cover is made of and where the cover is purchased. If the material used is more luxurious then it will cost much. The covers bought in department stores selling home goods are priced higher than the covers bought in discount stores. Styles that are custom made are considered the most costly while styles that are handmade are the cheapest or least expensive.

Updating your sofa and your entire room can be done by replacing your own sofa covers. These covers are effective in hiding stains or other marks found in your sofa. Replacing your sofa cover is cheaper than actually replacing your sofa and also one excellent way of adding new life or look to your sofa.

Cleaning Sofa Covers

Using sofa covers is not entirely a new idea however it is already becoming even more popular. Sofa covers provide homeowners the chance to make the necessary changes to their house without the need to buy a new set of furniture. When you buy covers for your sofa, you need to regularly clean them. There are a lot of steps that you need to follow when it comes to sofa cover cleaning so they remain damage-free and in good condition.

A. You need to take time when removing sofa covers. Doing this will prevent any damage in your covers while being removed from the sofa or couch.

B. Some individuals choose to place the covers into a washing machine however you need to strongly consider this before actually doing it. You need to read every instruction that goes with sofa covers prior to making any decisions. Putting the covers into your washer can cause damage. Thus, if you still have enough time, you might consider washing the covers by hand because it’s safer that way.

C. Never consider placing sofa covers inside your dryer. Dryers can shrink your covers and they may no longer fit your couch.

D. After cleaning your own sofa covers, you may also want to hang them outside to dry. Drying them under the sun will ensure that you will still be able to fit them to your couch after you’re done drying them.

A lot of people consider sofa covers as great investment though expensive. Thus, you need to spend more time when doing the washing. You also need to take care of your covers the proper way. Following these simple steps will help you in taking care of the covers. Instead of purchasing furniture, which can be quite expensive, taking care of the covers is an effective way or method to save.

Dyeing Sofa Covers

Dyeing the covers is an easy way to revamp your tired looking couch or sofa. You can change the color of your sofa cover to let it blend with the décor or color scheme of your living room. Doing this is cheaper than purchasing a new couch or cover. It can even let you take part in helping the environment because you’ll be able to recycle your old couch instead of purchasing a new couch or sending an old sofa to a landfill.

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