Sofa Slipcovers Styles

Because they are versatile and stylish pieces of sofa set accessories, sofa slipcovers are extremely useful in making what appears to be a horribly matched furniture actually fit the look of the rest of the room. Do not worry if you have a worn green sofa set, or sets of furniture each with a color far different from one another. All you have to do is get hold of matching sofa slipcovers. When you feel like changing the style and color of the room to complement the holidays or the season, or change everything according to the dictates of your moods, you can buy many sofa slipcovers that you can use singly or together. This trick keeps you from spending unnecessarily on brand new furniture.

Sofa slipcovers can be made of a wide array of fabrics, such as suede, cotton, denim, corduroy, herringbone, velvet, and polyester. The materials may be stretchable or just loosely draping the sofa. They may be sold singly or as part of a complete set. Almost all slipcovers in the market are made to be machine-wash friendly. However, the slipcovers are usually large and cannot be accommodated in a washing machine meant for personal use. Because of this, they are usually brought to the laundry house equipped with bigger machines for professional cleaning. Sofa slipcovers are great to have when you have lovely pieces of furniture that you want protected from kids, pets or crowds. Families with children often benefit from the use of slipcovers.

The six styles of slipcovers that are commercially available are as follows:

Straight Skirt with Ties
No-Tie Wrap Tailored Skirt
No-Tie Wrap with Waterfall Skirt
2 Piece Separate Seat (Semi-Custom)
1 Piece T-Cushion with Ties
2 Piece Stretch Separate Seat

The things that you have to consider when buying a sofa slipcover are the following: the decorative pattern of the slipcover, the color, the look of the furniture to be covered, and the amount of money that you are willing to shell. Slipcovers that are stretchable and cling to the furniture are low-maintenance: you need not go through the rigors of re-tucking excess fabric whenever the sofa is being used. Anti-stain materials such as scotch guard are highly suggested to avert the possibility of severely soiling your covers. You would still want your sofa slipcover to last a long time, even though it is a lot cheaper to buy one than to purchase a new piece of furniture.

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