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Uses of Styrofoam Sheets

We all know that every individual is unique, and each of them has his own way of going about things. There are just some things in life, however, that many people use, and these items make one person’s experience similar with another’s. Styrofoam sheets are just one of these items that many people find themselves [...]

Styrofoam Sheets For Packaging

One cannot do away with Styrofoam when it comes to packaging of items for shipping. As with any other foam sheet, Styrofoam serves to keep packaged items for unwarranted damage. Manufacture of Styrofoam sheets involve the use of wire cutting machines equipped with nichrome wires that are preheated to a very high temperature. As result, [...]

Surge suppressor

A device which is designed to protect electrical appliances from sudden rise or variation of voltage is called surge suppressor. It functions to regulate the supply voltage before it goes into the electrical appliance. This is done by either blocking or shorting to ground certain voltages which are unsafe or unsuitable to the electrical appliance [...]

Outlet surge suppressor

The outlets of surge suppressors are coupled with capacitors to maintain electrical signal in its desired rating, thereby providing noise reduction in settings where interference from other devices is experienced. Also, overload protection is present. Such overload protection is in a form of a reset switch – shutting down the system when a particular threshold [...]

Thermal imaging camera

Ordinary cameras form an image by means of visible light whereas thermal cameras form an image by means of infrared radiation. The latter are also known as simply infrared cameras or as FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared). These type of cameras operate in wavelengths of approximately 14,000 nm (14 µm) while visible light cameras are in [...]

Infrared thermal imaging for detecting Electrical and Mechanical faults

Thermal imaging can be applied to examine the transfer of infrared heat radiation from an object which, as a result gives way to identify thermal emissions of different surfaces, and displays a visual representation of temperature variations. Although this type of application could possibly presents potential problem areas thus needs to be addressed properly to [...]

Thermal imaging scope in the construction industry

Problems usually occur if difference in temperatures exists in the surface. Anomalies, or thermal patterns, can imply water damage (e. g. presence of molds), missing insulation, energy loss, electrical and duct work problems. One of the important services rendered to homeowners and Realtors are Home Warranty inspections. Through thermal scanning, construction defects which are not [...]

Buying Guide for Thermostatic Shower

As a house owner, you will have to consider two very important factors whenever you are purchasing a house or upgrading your bathroom. You would want your planned expenses to be within your budget. Secondly, you would want to be using gadgets, fittings, and appliances that you are very comfortable with. Hence you become a [...]

Trike Instead of a Motorcycle?

Have you thought of purchasing motorcycle but was unsure and felt nervous with its safety issues? Then you may want to consider purchasing trike in lieu of motorcycle. As its name suggests a trike is a type of motorcycle having three wheels. It makes you feel as if you are not only riding or driving [...]

Thermostatic Shower

An intuitive type of shower system is currently available in the market. This is called the thermostat shower. It has a built-in thermostat which can regulate temperature within the shower system. Some models are equipped with an automatic shut-off capacity upon detection of shower failure. These units can also detect changes in the temperature and [...]