Nursery Decoration Ideas

Going for a voguish nursery décor is a great idea. And as much as it is tempting to go for one, you probably would prefer not to. They look great and they are indeed great – but so is the cost. High-end nursery decorations are especially expensive. You wouldn’t want to spend so much now just for that considering that there’s still your child’s future to look into – education fees, personal needs, etc. Fortunately, there’s an alternative option for nursery decorations – and a much cheaper one at that, too. You can set aside a big budget for the crib since that will be the focal point of the nursery room for the most part. But no more than that. For the rest of the nursery items, make sure that you just go for the affordable ones. Keep the accessories cheap and simple yet pretty. Put your creativity into test by carefully complementing low-priced decors with that which is high-end. Both concepts may seem to clash but it’ll leave the room with a more customized arrangement and an added personal touch specifically drawn up for your baby. The following are some ideas you can use to help you set your nursery room with a rather delightful atmosphere:

Floor: Larger pieces of furniture, usually the crib or glider, would be the main highlights of a nursery room. But the floor still plays a significant role in producing a welcoming atmosphere. A brightly colored rug adds vibrancy to the room, as if unifying all the room’s elements. The rug doesn’t have to cover the entire floor of the room. A bigger rug would cost more. A small-sized or medium-sized rug might just be enough in a nursery room – something where the baby could learn to crawl; it can be placed at the foot of the glider or in front of the crib. Soft patches of colors are recommended.

Walls: You have two options for this – you can either hire a professional painter to paint a mural in the nursery or you can just put the money in the bank and reserve it for your child’s college fund. If you prefer the latter then there’s still hope for you. An alternative approach would be posting up flash cards to highlight wall borders. There are modern, traditional, and vintage styles of flashcards having prints of the alphabet letters, numbers, animals, etc. You can find a set of flashcards that will well suit your nursery’s theme. You can place the flashcards along the wall’s borderline or you can fix it according to your taste – an inexpensive and personalized work of art. You can cut off illustrated pages from children’s books which you can get for a very cheap price at charity shops, for example; afterwards, you can have it framed and hung on the nursery walls. It’s cheaper compared to purchasing original art.
Ceiling: Try out your creativity by designing a mobile yourself instead of purchasing one. You can consider hanging paper airplanes on a fishing line, if it’s a nursery room for a boy. Hang as many as you like. Dad can even help in this project, too; for sure, he’ll enjoy it. You can get colored papers at local craft stores for only a couple of bucks. Meanwhile, you can do the same for a baby girl’s room; but instead of paper planes, you could try folding origami like birds or flowers. The main advantage here is that the idea is very affordable and especially personalized.

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