Spray Insulation

For super insulation for your office or home, try the spray foam insulation. You’ll enjoy some of its benefits by installing this kind of insulation at your desired location. So do consider throwing out those old and worn out insulation made of fiberglass. The best thing is to replace them with something that promises to last long, reliable and has a praiseworthy service. The spray foam insulation is one type of liquid polyurethane that forms as rigid foam surface or consistency when dry. Since it’s in a liquid form you can easily fill in the small holes and cracks that the fiberglass usually can’t protect. The function of the insulation is towards creating a tight and thick sealed layer. This layer is extremely efficient in terms of energy in comparison to other materials available that are used to insulate.

Spray-on insulation are used by many contractors such as those made of polyurethane froth that is also used in appliances such as refrigerators and water heaters. It can be used for residential walls & ceiling cavities for their air sealing product or for insulation. It is sprayed on the cavities of the wall to expand it. The liquid is being sprayed through its nozzle into the ceiling, wall and floor cavities where it would expand and feel the holes and cranny.

This foam product is also helping in controlling the condensation moisture because it doesn’t settle nor does it shrink. It’s fire resistant as well and it reduces the heating or the cooling cost of an appliance significantly and because of its thermal seal, it keeps the cool air in and the unwanted air out. This spray on insulation is known to improve the air quality indoors and thereby decrease the chances for allergies. It’s also high in quality sound control and it reduces the dust, mildew and mold accumulation significantly. And most importantly, the froth uses recycled materials which help the economy as well as our environment.

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